Is Your OLD ANKLE SPRAIN Still Bothering You?


Today I’m going to share what to do if you sprain your ankle. Even if you sprained your ankle in the past and are still dealing with it, I think this will give you a lot of relief.

This great technique is perfect for someone who has sprained their ankle, but nothing has actually been torn or fractured. After you first sprain your ankle, you should ice it and immobilize it.

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But, after about 48 hours, you should start moving your ankle again before scar tissue starts to develop.

What to do for an ankle sprain:

1. Stretch the ankle you sprained in the opposite direction from where it was injured.

2. Massage the opposite ankle. Massage the same place you were injured but on the opposite ankle that hasn’t been sprained.

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3. Massage the calf and outer thigh on the opposite leg from the one where you sprained your ankle.

Thanks for reading! I hope this helps you better understand this easy fix for an old ankle sprain. I’ll see you in the next article.

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