The Top 13 Causes of Inflammation: And How to Treat it Naturally – Dr.Berg


Inflammation is a normal healing and repair process. But, if you experience chronic inflammation, all sorts of destruction can occur. If you can get rid of inflammation, you can get rid of the complications and symptoms of autoimmune diseases, old injuries, and more.

Inflammatory oncotaxis is a phenomenon where cancer tends to spread to areas where you experienced old injuries where there was inflammation.

An old injury could mean many different things, such as food irritation to the colon, damage to the lungs from smoking, damage to the arteries from a high carb diet, or injuries.

The top causes of inflammation:

  • 1. Lack of cortisol
  • 2. Allergies
  • 3. Acute and chronic infections
  • 4. Gut inflammation (gut issues or inflammatory foods)
  • 5. Glucose/sugar
  • 6. Fat cells
  • 7. Old injuries
  • 8. Problems in the bile ducts
  • 9. Low vitamin D
  • 10. High omega-6 and low omega-3
  • 11. Environmental toxins
  • 12. Frequent eating
  • 13. Too much iron

How to get rid of inflammation:

  1. Get plenty of vitamin D3 and vitamin K2
  2. Avoid flaring up allergies
  3. Take vitamin C
  4. Take antibacterial herbs
  5. Grasp zinc l-carnosine
  6. Grasp vitamin E (tocotrienols)
  7. Get on a low-carb diet
  8. Do intermittent fasting and periodic prolonged fasting
  9. Grasp turmeric
  10. Take stinging nettle root
  11. Take purified bile salts
  12. Increase omega-3 fatty acids and decrease omega-6 fatty acids
  13. Monitor your iron levels

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