The Top Remedies for Your Heart

heart remedies

Today I want to cover various potential problems with the heart and give you some natural alternative solutions. This isn’t meant to replace your medical care—check with your doctor before implementing any of this information.

The more the heart is damaged, the more difficult it will be for it to use glucose or fatty acids as fuel. But, ketones can bypass the damage and feed the heart directly. This is why the keto diet is so important for your heart.

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One of the biggest symptoms of a failing heart is fatigue, especially upon exertion. If you do the ketogenic diet, you’ll find that fatigue goes away pretty quickly.


Potential heart problems and top natural heart remedies:

1. A clot

  • Nattokinase
  • Garlic

2. Plaque

  • Tocotrienols
  • Vitamin K2
  • Vitamin C

3. Cholesterol

  • Niacin

4. Angina

  • Tocotrienols
  • CoQ10
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5. High blood pressure

  • Potassium
  • Vitamin D

6. Homocysteine

  • B vitamins (nutritional yeast)

7. Enlarged heart

  • Vitamin B12

Make sure your iron isn’t too high

8. Murmur

  • B vitamins (nutritional yeast)

9. High pulse rate

  • Potassium

10. Arrhythmias

  • Potassium
  • Magnesium

Thanks for reading! I hope this helps increase your awareness of the top remedies for your heart. I’ll see you in the next article

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