7 Warning Signs of Cirrhosis (End-Stage Liver Disease)

Warning Signs of Cirrhosis

While there are a lot of cirrhosis symptoms, there are a few main warning signs you need to be aware of. Cirrhosis is end-stage liver disease. With liver cirrhosis, a person’s normal cells are replaced with scar tissue. This typically starts with inflammation.

Many different things can cause inflammation in the liver, like alcohol, drugs, and refined carbs. A fatty liver can also develop inflammation.

The liver has incredible reparative cells that lay dormant until they are triggered by chronic inflammation. But, you still lose function.

A loss of liver function can increase your risk for liver cancer. It can also cause a bile deficiency, which can affect your digestion and the elimination of cholesterol and toxins. Liver damage can lead to many other health issues that affect the entire body.

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Top warning signs of cirrhosis:

1. Dark urine

2. Mood and personality changes

3. Ascites (fluid leaking from the liver into the abdomen)

4. Jaundice (yellowing of the skin and whites of the eyes)

5. Tiredness

6. Right upper abdominal discomfort

7. Itchy, hot feet

What to do for cirrhosis of the liver:

1. Stop the root cause (carbs, alcohol, drugs, etc.)

2. Take TUDCA (750 to 1500 mg per day on an empty stomach)

3. Take tocotrienols (300 mg per day)

4. Consume more cruciferous vegetables

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5. Get on the Healthy Keto diet

6. Start doing intermittent and prolonged fasting Keep in mind that medications can also affect the liver.

Milk thistle is a fantastic natural remedy for the liver and many other conditions—it would be worth talking to your doctor about.

If you have an autoimmune disease that affects the liver, you may want to try bovine liver pills to help reduce inflammation and reset the liver.

Check with your doctor before stopping or replacing any medications.

Thanks for reading! I hope this increases your awareness of the 7 warning signs of cirrhosis. I’ll see you in the next artice.

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